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"Heritage is the new Modernism"

British Version

Setting the tables of 2019

Shepherds bush rd.


9/10 Feb. 2019

As promised, we are coming !

Grandartdevivre .JPG

Experts, auctioneers, art advisors, event-designers et interior-designers

have gathered to show you the 2019 interior design and tableware tendency.

It's all about heritage : timeless materials and shapes.

Exit industrial plastic, glass and inox.


Let the silver and crystal come back to your house again !


Excellency of skills and know-how, preciosity, limited editions are the motos of the selected pieces.

The purpose is to present 3 tables with the highest French luxury factories : Baccarat, Christofle, Saint Louis, Lalique, Odiot, Ravinet D’Enfert, Cardeilhac, Ercuis, Puiforcat, Haviland, Bernardaud.


Authenticated by our experts, carefully chosen by our advisors, set up by our interior-designers, theirs proposals show how to combine heritage and contemporary lifestyle.

Two watchwords :


- Extreme quality, noble materials and top-notch condition


- Affordability

Silver Christofle or French porcelain Bernardaud less expensive than a polyester Zara jacket made in China.

Our advisors  offer you atrefacts from 5£.


The purpose of this sale is beyond all to make you love your heritage again for an everyday use.


Let's reappropriate your heritage !

Grand Art de Vivre Eau.JPG
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