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Brain With a View // Emi GOODWIN


A Myriad of Moments, 2019

A Myriad of Moments is a meld of an abstract, ethereal patina inspired by Japanese aesthetics

and at times, the brazen vernacular of the Australian landscape.

Emi graduated in Fine Arts from Boston University before completing a degree in Fashion Design at New York’s Parsons School of Design. She worked in fashion in New York before moving to Tokyo in 2000, a step that reignited her love of painting while establishing a visceral connection to traditional Japanese art forms.

Emi came to Sydney in 2013, smitten by the colours and wildness of the Australian landscape.

Emi uses a litany of mediums including silver leaf, sumi ink, iwaenogu Japanese mineral-based pigments derived from rocks and other natural substances, acrylic, oils and Japanese water colours.

Emi perceives her work as optimistic, communicating a reconciliation of self, heritage and a life that explores cultural synergies and differences.

Emi’s work has been exhibited at Chifley Towers ; Otomys Gallery in Melbourne and Singapore ; OMO3 Omotesando, Tokyo ; Hiroshige Gallery, Hiroo, Tokyo ; Meguro Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo ; among others.

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